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Declaration of Yemeni Female Media Conglomerate

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

On October 18, the Wujoh Foundation for Media and Development declared the Conglomerate of Yemeni Female Media to end its project involving Yemeni female media workers to support women’s issues in the outputs of the NDC and the next constitution during the transitional phase.

The Conglomerate of Yemeni Female Media, which includes female journalist from five governorates, aims to support and advocate the outputs of the National Dialogue Conference relating to women’s political, civil, social, economic, cultural, and environmental demands, as well as the adoption and inclusion of women’s rights in the Constitution in order to achieve full citizenship and equal opportunities and representation of women, including at least 30% in the three authorities (legislative, executive, and judicial), decision-making positions and ensure the empowerment of women in villages and protect their rights through advocacy in the media.

The President’s Advisor for Media Affairs, Mahbob Ali spoke about defending the rights Yemeni women to gain their social, cultural, educational, economic, and political rights without arbitrariness or violation. “I hope that the female media will be able to form a new tributary in the context of civil society. No bright future and a happy life in isolation from women of men and advocating women is not the responsibility of women alone without a genuine partnership with men and the society as a whole, without exception.”

Abdualbari Taher, the Chairman of the General Authority of Books, noted the courage of Yemeni women and the important roles in the most difficult stage experienced by Yemen, and her desire to change the community and build it in various fields of cultural, political, social, economic and political areas.

Taher pointed the roles of civil society institutions and their cultural and social support for women’s issues, and the need to include women’s rights in the new constitution.

Mansour al-Garadi, the chairman of the Wujoh Foundation, said, “Wujoh will support women technically and artistically until they stand on their own feet.”