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Houthis Remove Tents From Airport Road While Checkpoints Remain

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BY NY Staff

Media sources have stated that the Houthis have completed removing their tents yesterday, October 19, from Airport road in Sana’a as a step to implement the peace and partnership agreement. The road was closed since the beginning of last September aiming to implement their demands, which was set in  reduce oil prices, change the government, and implement the outputs of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC).

Basim al-Hakimi, a member in the former NDC, considered this step of the Houthis a political tactic aimed to continue their incursion in the provinces.

“There isn’t any value to remove the tents while they continue controlling security points in and out Sana’a,” he said.

From his point of view, the Houthis aimed to calm people, especially after their expansion in the provinces, so they don’t need protests in Sana’a any more.

Al-Hakimi confirmed that the Houthis broke the Agreement of Peace and Partnership with their expansion in the provinces.

However, the Relations Officer of the Organizing Committee of the Houthis, Nasr Eldin Amer, said that the Houthis have confirmed their commitment to the Peace and Partnership Agreement. Houthi activist Amer denied all accusations that this step is to cover their expansion outside the capital Sana’a.

“Houthis are still remaining in five tents around Sana’a despite signing the Peace and Partnership Agreement, which forced them to remove their tents and withdrawal their gunmen. However, they did not implement this and instead they continued extending their control to other cities.”

Meanwhile, Houthis withdrew yesterday, October 18, from Rada city in Bayda province, after fierce clashes with al Al-Qaeda continued for three days, under an agreement with tribal leaders. However, they stayed in Ibb as a result of canceling the agreement, which led to increased clashes that ended with 16 dead people.

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