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The New Prime Minister Arrives in Sana’a

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The newly appointed Prime Minister, Khalid Mahfoud Bahah, arrived in Sana’a early morning on Sunday, coming from New York on board of Turkish Airlines. Bahah told the UN representative in his farewell to the United Nation office in New York that he and the people of Yemen are expecting the unlimited support of the UN and the friends of Yemen to end the ongoing crises. In his speech, Bahah called up the countries to fulfill their financial commitment toward Yemen to achieve the transitional political process peacefully.

In his first meeting with President Hadi on Sunday, Bahah promised to do his best to enhance national partnership and work for the improvement of the country to obtain positive results with his government.

Bahah was chosen for his transparency as a non-corrupted young and dynamic government employee. The former Oil Minister and the representative of Yemen to the Security Council will have a hard task to obtain the people’s interest in stabilizing the country’s security and economy.

Yemen is going through a hard time after Houthi militants took over the government offices over the last month and they are still expanding in all the governorates of Yemen. Lately, the Houthi militants managed to control the Hodeidah port, the stronghold of Islah city in Ibb, and Rada’, the stronghold of al-Qeada. Houthies have promised to free the ceased cities after the new government name it’s new cabinet.

Bahah is seeking the help of all political parties to enable him to achieve his mission according to the power-sharing deal signed last month by the Houthis and other major political parties at Hadi’s presidential palace.