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Yemen Concludes Global Rimini Exhibition

National Yemen

By Tamjid Alkohali

On October 11, the Rimini Exhibition for Travel & Tourism concluded its events with the participation of Yemen and 60 other states as well as about 1000 buyers from the Mediterranean region, India, the United States, and Brazil.

In the last days of the exhibition, the Yemeni booth included many activities and events and about 700 brochures and 908 introductory booklets about Yemen were distributed, adding to a large number of other promotional items such as CDs, pictures and statues that depict the cities of Yemen and environmental and historical nature reserves.

According to organizers, the exhibition’s visitors reached more than 51,000. Most of them expressed their admiration of the Yemeni booth and its civilizational, cultural and historic legacy, hoping that Yemen would overcome the civil conflict and focus more on the development of tourism and economic investment.

In a meeting with the Executive Director of the Tourism Promotion Board, Fatima Al-Houribi confirmed that Yemen has potential in tourism, which makes it the richest country in the world.

She also explained that the Yemeni participation is a response to the invitation given by Mayor of the Italian Tourist City “Rimini” to the Minister of Tourism, Dr. Kassim Sallam in order to take advantage of the Italian experience in the field of tourism.

In the exhibition, the meetings focused on the security challenge and the possibility of direct flights to Socotra, where the head of the Yemeni Union for Hotels, Zaghloul Bazarah, called on Yemeni businessmen to participate in the activities of Milano Expo 2014. He also mentioned the importance of the Yemeni media in highlighting the importance of economics and trade.