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Yemeni Man Divorces His Wife and Marries Her Sister

National Yemen

By NY Staff

A Yemeni farmer, 45 old years, divorced his wife, 35 years old, after a marriage that lasted 20 years to marry her sister, 25 years old, because she is better in cooking, farming and chewing Qat.

The illiterate farmer complained about the apathy of his wife while working in the Qat farms and her neglect even in cooking lunch. According to him, his wife spent much of her time with her friends chewing qat and smoking shisha, while her sister is different. She can cook, take care of Qat plants and chew qat while working.

The law doesn’t allow marrying two sisters, so the farmer divorced his wife and got married to her sister.

This story is the first of its type in Yemen where the man’s first wife accused her sister of treason and stealing her husband. Her sister responded, “you neglected your husband by chewing qat with your friends, rather than chewing it with him.”

Qat in Yemen is a daily phenomenon among men and women alike, but men of different cultures, affiliations, standards of living, educational and political levels are chewing qat more than women, especially after lunch.