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Bahah Announces New Ministerial Distribution List

National Yemen

Yemen Prime Minister Khaled M. Bahah

By NY Staff

Yemen’s new Prime Minister Khaled M. Bahah has officially announced the distribution list of the ministerial share for the political parties immediate designation. 34 ministries have been distributed between five political powers, including President Hadi who took over the responsibility to name the four key ministries such as the Ministry of Finance, Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs.

The Houthi’s share includes the Ministry of Oil and Minerals, Justice, Electricity, Civil Services and Insurance, Technical education and vocational training and the Ministry of Culture. The GPC, which seems unsatisfied with his list, has got the Ministry of Local Administration, Fishery and Wealth, Health, Information, Youth and Sport, Human Rights and two Ministries of State. On the other hand the JPM got the Ministry of Planning and iInternational Cooperation, Guidance and Endowment, Labor Force and Social Affairs, Higher Education, Water and Environment, Ministry of Migrants and two Ministries of State, the MP and the Shoura council. The Southern Hirak, which is accused of being named by President Hadi, got the Ministry of Education, Telecom and IT, Public Works and Roads, Trade and Industry, Agriculture, and Ministry of Legal Affairs.

The Prime Minister has called upon the political parties to name their candidates as soon as possible. The Prime Minister has given certain criteria for each candidate.