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Houthi Gunmen Attack Chief Editor Of News Yemen Website

National Yemen

By NY staff

Houthi’s gunmen have attacked the chief editor of a Yemeni news website, Abdulsattar Bajash, on Hayel Street on Saturday October 25th.

Bajash said that the Houthi gunmen attack him with beatings and intimidation after he was accused by a bus driver of insulting the Houthis.

 “The problems started when the Houthis made a chaos on Hayel Street by shooting last week. The bus driver said that Houthis would come to punish the shooters. I replied that it was the Houthis themselves who shot and made the noise then he promised to have me punished for this accusation. When we arrived the driver called the Houthi gunmen and told him that I cursed them. I asked the gunmen to call Ali al-Bukhaiti and Mohammed Abdul Salam, the representatives of the Houthis, then they left me,” Bajash explained.

According to Freedom Foundation, there have been about 52 attacks against journalists from the Houthis, while «Reporters Without Borders» said that the Houthis have committed violations against the media in Yemen since August of this year.

Last Tuesday a statement from Al-Masder Foundation said that gunmen inside a black Mercedes without plates was watching Chief Editor Samir Jubran and asked the residents of the neighborhood about him.

The Freedom Foundation warned the Houthis in the case that Jubran, his family, or one of his family members were attacked.