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Korean Ambassador Calls for Peace, Prosperity and Stability in Yemen

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By NY Staff

The Korean Ambassador to Yemen, Young–Ho Lee, has expressed his full satisfaction with the positive negotiations between Yemen and Korea to revise the LNG prices last December.  On the celebration of the 29th anniversary of the Korean National Foundation, Lee addressed the guests of honour from the diplomatic missions, government officials and invited dignitaries, reflecting  the healthy bilateral relations between Yemen and Korean. “Today Korea is the third largest importer of Yemeni products, whose amount exceeded 1.6 billion USD in the past year 2013,” said the Ambassador. “This year we are anticipating reaching more than three billion USD.”

“The Korean government has been providing bilateral aid and soft loan assistance to Yemen and we have made excellent progress in the exchange of cultural educational and training programs,” he added.

In his speech, Ambassador Lee continued to praise the outstanding cooperation between his country and Yemen. “For the past fifteen months of my mission in Yemen, I have received a wonderful welcome from the Yemeni community who offered help and assistance. So, let me take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to those who lend support,” said the Ambassador.

Recently, as a member of the Friends of Yemen Group and a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Korea has actively taken part in the efforts of the international community to help Yemen achieve its political stability and economic development.

“We will continue to support the Yemeni people’s efforts for the implementation of the National Dialogue outcomes as well the Peace and National Partnership Agreement.” Ambassador Lee concluded his speech by saying that Korea will remain with other relevant members of the international community in the great journey of supporting the Yemeni people in moving towards a new democratic stable and prosperous nation.

“We believe that Yemenis will eventually overcome such challenges and move forward in the right direction through dialogue and compromises for a better and more prosperous future, so please join me for the unity, stability and prosperity of Yemen,” he concluded.

Abdulhafed Noman, Minister of Technical Tducation and Vocational Training, Yemen representative, and guest of honour of the Korean National Foundation ceremony, delivered a speech on behalf of the Yemeni people to their Korean friends. Noman, thanked the Ambassador for his wonderful words about Yemen that indicate the profound relationship between the two countries.

“Korea to Yemen is a good example to follow,” said Noman. “The strong will of our friends in South Korea enable them to solve their problems and lead in the international economy.”

Minister Noman continued to talk about the involvements of Korea in assisting Yemen with special programmes in vocational training. “We still believe that South Korea will keep providing Yemen with what is required to achieve its ultimate goals to invest in its resources. Yemen has good potential natural resources and the support of our friends to invest in these resources is highly appreciated,” concluded Noman.

By the end of the ceremony, the Ambassador Lee and his wife, Minister Noman, and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Amir al-Aidroos came together to cut the cake. The guests were invited into a lunch banquet while a group of Yemeni youth performed a Taekwondo dance and fighting show. An art of exhibition and a display of Korean manufacturing brands were in the venue at the Ambassador’s residence.