Yemen Continues Toward the Unknown

Political alliances and tribal fighting will lead Yemen toward the unknown, along with the growing regional and international conflicts of interest who are seeking the opportunity to apply certain political and economic stability standards for Yemen. This global vision has nothing to do with ongoing clashes in different parts of the country and the “model” of the Arab Spring countries of 2011 is collapsing.

Today’s alliances are part of yesterday’s military and tribal collaborations, but under different new names. The labeling of Yemen’s issues a sectarian is worsening the reputation of the country, and it does not exist as it is promoted in the international media.

The wrong analysis of the country’s dramatic changes has left multi scenarios. Not one of the political players would be able to say they could control Yemen. The acceleration of events along with the fighting proves the fact that the local political powers have nothing to do with the ongoing fighting and they might be a good tool for those who know how to manipulate them.

Since the early days of Yemen’s revolution in 1962 against the Imamate, Yemen’s leaders were known for taking power through collaboration and group alliances. One example is the first alliance of the former President with his alliance with tribal heads to protect his stay in power. Since that, the 2011 Revolution has come with same scenario of collaboration between tribes and military commanders like Ali Mohsein and Houthi groups exist against the former president. The new President came to the power aiming to knock out these interests and build a new state. Unfortunately, this could not happen without new alliances from the same groups. To overcome the challenges, he made deals with the Islahi leaders, Shaikhs, and Houthis to get rid of the regular pressure from the former president.

Such deals has failed again in less than a year, and the president has been forced to work with the Houthis and form a secret deal to bring down Islah, tribal, and military leaders after the new revolution. This has happened very quickly and has ended in a total collapse of the state. Both parties are in trouble now. A secret deal happened overnight to recruit Houthi militants to fight on behalf of the government and combat al-Qeada in the central part of Yemen.

What will happen to Yemen in the next few years with the continuation of these alliances? Matters are left to God to protect such a country with a few greedy individuals who only understand the language of self-interest.