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The G10 Ambassadors in Yemen Reply Back to Houthi Threats

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By NY Staff

 Today the Houthi group gave the president Hadi  10 days  notice starting from Friday to form a government, hinting at a takeover attempt if their demands are not met.

The Shiite group, also known as Houthis, rallied some 30,000 tribal leaders in Sanaa, where they delivered a communique warning President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi that “all revolutionary options are open” if he failed to form a government.

“Our next meeting will be at the headquarters of the decision making,” said Deif Allah Rassam, spokesman of the so-called Popular Tribal Alliance. A second speaker at the rally, Naguib al-Mansouri, called for the formation of a “salvation military council.”

In reply to Houthi threats, the Group of Ten Ambassadors and the countries issued statement on the new upraise. “We represent reiterate our previous call on 4 October for the 21 September Peace and National Partnership Agreement (PNPA),  to be implemented in full, as quickly and judiciously as possible” Said the ambassadors.

We welcome the nomination of Khalid Bahah as the Prime Minister of Yemen on 13 October under the PNPA of 21 September.  We offer the President, the Prime Minister designate and all others working to implement the GCC Initiative, the NDC outcomes and the PNPA our full support.

We call for all parties now to work together with a sense of urgency and commitment to fulfil their obligations under the PNPA, including  agreeing a new Cabinet.  Yemen needs a good and effective government in order to provide its people with security, sound economic management and national administration, and the provision of social services.

We underline the importance of having a government whose members are properly qualified and able to demonstrate integrity, competence, impartiality and a commitment to upholding human rights and the rule of law; to best protect and promote the national interest..  The new government should include representation from women and youth who also meet these criteria.  Once the government is formed all parties should work in a constructive fashion to meet the expectations of the Yemeni people.

We attach considerable importance to the role of the government of Yemen as the sole state actor responsible for national security.  In this regard, we call upon Ansar Allah to cease its continuing usurpation of military and state activity:  including their acquisition of territory; appropriation of government military equipment, which they need to return to the state; and disruption of the work of Ministries, government agencies and state enterprises, who should immediately be allowed to continue their work without intimidation or interference.

We acknowledge the progress Ansar Allah has made in removing their camps from  Sana’a and the surrounding area.  We believe that this is a step in the right direction to fulfilling its obligations.   We encourage Ansar Allah to continue this positive activity in the future.

We continue to condemn the terrorist activities of AQAP.  And we are increasingly concerned that the fighting between Ansar Allah and AQAP risks plunging Yemen into a broader conflict.