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121 Press Releases about Corruption Published by Newspapers in 2014

National Yemen

The Media Department of the Supreme National Authority to Combat Corruption monitored 121 press releases about corruption since the beginning of 2014 until October. January and November were the biggest months for publishing news about corruption.

Statistical figures released by Al-Thawra newspaper pointed out that corruption cases during the year 2013 were less than 2014. The Authority monitored only ten reports because of the circumstances experienced by the Anti-Corruption Commission and stopped its work in 2013.

Statistics showed that the newspapers that published the most on issues of corruption are Yemen Today, al-Ola, al-Wehda, Today News, al-Waset, Yemnat, al-Wehdwai, al-Jomhwria and a number of websites. Sources in the Media Department of the Anti-Corruption Commission said that all those sources referred to the relevant sectors in the Authority for investigation and made sure figures were correct for the completion of the legal proceedings.

Sources stressed that investigative journalism, reports, news and press were the ways that dealt with issues of corruption and crimes committed in a number of different sectors of the state.