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Dr. Al-Mutawakkil New Victim of Unknown Killer

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A gunman shot dead Sunday Dr. Mohammed AbdulMalik al-Mutawakil, the head of a Yemeni liberal political party in Sanaa. The assassination of Dr. al-Mutawakil comes one day after the Shait rebels includes al-Mutawakil party into the political rivals whom singed the agreement for the formation of new technocrat government.

al-Mutawakil was shot dead by a gunman on a motorbike on a street while  he was passing in the Agriculture Street in Sana’a downtown, his daughter said.

Mutawakil was “fatally shot in the neck,” by his assailants who fled, she said. A medical source confirmed the death.

It was not immediately clear why Mutawakil was targeted. Al-Mutawakil was the Chairman of the Union of Popular Forces, Professor of Political Science at Sana’a University of, one o the prominent leaders of the joint and close to the Houthis.

Terrorists and their cells still are very active in Yemen implementing assassinations in different regions and reap the lives of Yemenis in cold blood.