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Gulf Newspaper Revealed the Place of Al-Qaeda Leader Jalal Belied

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A Kuwaiti newspaper revealed the location of al-Qaeda leader Jalal Beliedy, who was accused of killing soldiers in Tarim in Hadramout two months ago.

Al-Siasah Newspaper quoted a tribal source that the leading figure of al-Qaeda Jalal Beliedy was seen with the member of al-Qaeda, Mamon Hatem, in Ibb in the center of Yemen.

According to the paper, Hatem and Beliedy escaped to one of the surrounding mountains after threats from the Houthis breaking into the city and the prosecution of leaders and members of al-Qaeda.

Two weeks ago, Houthis and al Qaeda signed an agreement that said that al Qaeda gunmen must withdraw from the checkpoints that they spread at the entrances of the city.

Hatem brought gunmen to the Ibb governorate from outside the city, including foreigners, as part of a conflict between al-Qaeda and the Houthis to control al-Sadah, located in the northeast of the province of Ibb.