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Hadi Orders Authority in Aden to Free All Hirak and Political Prisoners in South

National Yemen

By Fakhri Al-Arashi

President Hadi has demanded that the Authority in Aden free all political prisoners. Hadi’s immediate order has come after the secret visit by Houthi representatives who are visiting the southern Governorates of Yemen. Speaking with immunity, one of the delegate members told National Yemen the outlines of their visit to Aden as the first destination to the South. He stated, “we are here in Aden to visit prisoners and to release any political prisoners from Hirak or any other political groups except Al-Qeada.”

“We won’t be able to visit the jails because of the President’s immediate order to free the prisoners 12 hours before starting our mission.”

“We have met with high government officials, military commanders, Hirak members, and youth women and we investigated the case of the protesters who are seeking independence from the North,” said the Houthi representative.

“Supporting the Southern case is the key issue of our visit. The Houthi principles are built on four components in the South, starting by bringing more peace to people, freedom of speech for Hirak, development, and resolving the southern issue fairly and to discuss the best solutions.”

He continued, “we are not here to put pressure on the public, but we want them to understand the Houthi’s theory about the South. We are not the government, but our duty is to keep the revolutionary work going until we see stability in the country, a country without violence,” he said.

“We want the legitimacy of President Hadi and we want him to remain in power for a few years more. His legitimacy secures the country and we want him to name the government based on certain criteria and full transparency.”

He said, “the ten days warning notice for President Hadi doesn’t represent the Houthis, but they are supporting the motion of it if he is not serious about standing by people.” Concluding the unofficial statement, the Houthi representative said, “if the president will allocate any corrupt minister in the upcoming government, we will reject him. We have given full authority to the President to choose his government under our supervision and approval,” he ended.