Oil Crisis Returns to Sana’a

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The oil derivatives crisis is continuing for the third day in the capital Sana’a, and long lines were seen in front of some petrol stations while other stations have stopped working.

It is expected that the crisis will increase, and cars are disappearing at Fajr time, an indicator of the continuing crisis. The concern of citizens is rising that what happened on Saturday is a prelude to a future crisis.

Severe overcrowding has increased at refueling stations and it seems that the mandate of President Hadi and the Prime Minister, who was assigned to form a new government, has affected Yemenis demand for petroleum products.

The oil company has attributed the oil derivatives crisis to increased demand, but informed sources confirm that the oil company’s statement came under pressure and said that the oil derivatives crisis was due to the Houthi group’s disbursement of financial credits for the import of oil derivatives.

Media sources said that petroleum products supplied by Saudi aid to Yemen in the past Ramadan have stopped, and that there is no new aid from Saudi Arabia after the control of the militias in Sana’a and a number of provinces.

In the same time, many government agencies staff are still without salaries due to the control of the Houthi group of the Ministry of Finance and preventing the exchange of any financial dues until the formation of the new government, because they are fighting against corruption.