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Political Parties Authorize Hadi and the PM to Form New Government

National Yemen

By NY Staff

On Nov 1st, the political parties in charge of submitting their ministerial candidates to the new Prime Minister, Khaled Bahah, officially authorized President Hadi and Bahah to name the ministers for the upcoming government.

The political party representatives signed the authorization document in the presence of UN Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomer.

The document was supposed to be signed on Saturday but the absence of the JPC representative caused a delay of their approval to President Hadi and his new Prime Minister.

People in Yemen are quite anxious about the next phase of the country’s transition despite yesterday’s agreement. This is not the first time for the political parties in Yemen to turn the decision making to the President’s table. Breaking commitments have become a habit with the political powers and their heads since the end of the NDC in Feb 2014.