Yemen’s Suite Outshines In Singapore

National Yemen

By Tamjid Alkohali

October 31st , in Singapore, the “ITB ASI ” Exhibition for Travel and Tourism has concluded its events with noticeable participation of Yemen headed by the deputy minister of administrative and financial affairs, Dr. Essam Ali Alsunaini, who held successful meetings with representatives of airlines and tourist agencies and others.

Alsunaini confirmed that the promotion process for Yemen continued until the last moment on the third day of the image of the history and culture of Yemen where they worked hard and did the best to reflect the true image of the history and culture of Yemen.

”  many meetings were Held during the three days of the exhibition without any interruption with the representatives of airlines and tourist agencies, advertising companies, private relations and visitors from Asia and the world .” said he

Alsunaini revealed the agreements to find new markets in each of Poland, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Taiwan and Switzerland  in order  to promote for tourism and attract tourists from East Asia and other.

He also revealed an agreement with outside media to write articles and report about Yemen’s  tourist ingredients as well as putting Yemen within the tourist map and its own programs.

Yemen’s participation in the Singapore exhibition is considered the best one from all previous abroad participation as it’s the first in Singapore.

According to Alsunaini the organized company of Berlin and Singapore exhibition praised Yemen’s presence the magnificence of the design and performance of its employees, adding that the international press represented by TTG which considered the participation of Yemen as the best exhibitors in Singapore.

The Participants within Yemen’s delegation from tourist agencies and hotels, was expressed their opinion about the  exhibition.

They confirmed that it was the most effective among all exhibitions where they met the organizers of the tourism exhibitions in all of China, India, Poland, who welcomed the presence of Yemen in these exhibitions.

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