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Japan Supports Yemen with Additional Food Aid

The Government of Japan has extend additional grant of  food aid worth’s 580 million Yen which equal $5,320,000. The Japanese  government will had this grant through the World Food Programme (WFP), which will be used for the purchase of fortified date-bars for the vulnerable people in Yemen.  Japan has already provided 10 million US Dollars food assistance through WFP this year.

Since 2012, Japan’s grant aid for humanitarian needs and political transitional process in Yemenamount to 125 million US Dollars in total.

On October 29th,  the Japanese ambassador to Yemen H. E. Katsuyoshi Hayashi, signed an agreement with Fuad Ali Al-Sharjabi, Director General of the Yemen Music and Arts House to support small scale community-based projects in the areas of basic human needs under what is so called Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects. The total amount of the grant was $100,689.

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