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UK Government Special Envoy visits Yemen

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Sir Alan Duncan stresses need for the quick appointment of a new technocratic-based government, and implementation of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement, the National Dialogue Conference (NDC), GCC Initiative and urgent security and economic reforms.

The UK Government Special Envoy to Yemen, Sir Alan Duncan, has made a two day visit to the capital Sana’a. During the visit, Sir Alan met President Hadi, Prime Minister Bahah, the Ministers for Oil, Finance and Planning, the Governor of the Central Bank, P5 ambassadors, business leaders and UN Special Envoy Jamal Benomar.

Speaking in Sana’a, the UK Government Special Envoy to Yemen  Sir Alan Duncan said:

I am delighted to have returned to Yemen as Special Envoy during this critical time for the country. President Hadi showed great leadership in taking Yemen through the NDC, which showed to the region how peaceful and inclusive dialogue, and not violence, can resolve differences and agree a shared vision for the future. The Dialogue’s success, and the implementation of its outcomes, must not therefore be undermined by the actions of armed groups and individuals.

I am therefore looking forward to the quick appointment of the new technocratic-based government that will, under President Hadi’s leadership, bring people together and take Yemen through the final chapters of its transition, with a new constitution and fresh elections. For those still seeking to undermine this process and divide the country, may I remind them of the UNs current discussions to act against them.

But it’s not just about the politics: the economy also matters. I urge the Government to stay on track with its economic reforms, including the appointment of an Economic Committee. For the books to be balanced, careful management of the public wage bill, anti-corruption measures, the removal of ghost workers and progress on fuel subsidy reform are essential. And it goes without saying, the poorest people need to be protected through Social Welfare Fund payments, and the 15 million people in need of humanitarian assistance must not be forgotten. I therefore urge donors to quickly plug the funding gap in the UN humanitarian appeal, which remains just 60% funded. The UK is providing over $300m towards development and humanitarian programmes over three years So as I depart from this visit, it remains clear to me that the vision set out in the NDC offers the best future for the Yemeni people. The UK, in close partnership with the wider international community, will continue to do all it can to support President Hadi to get Yemen’s political transition back on the GCCI track and achieve that NDC vision. I very much look forward to visiting Yemen again soon.

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