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Air Broadcasting Service Provider Wanted by Militants

National Yemen

Fakhri al-Arashi

Abdulrahman Al-Surmi has told National Yemen newspaper that he is very concerned about his future after the barbaric attack on his house on September 24th.

Al-Surmi is the owner and general manager of Click and Net Satellite Services for TV broadcasting. He said, “I am no longer in Sana’a and I can’t tell anyone about my location since militants are looking for me after they recognized the technical support and solutions, which my company provided for the success of Yemen youth revolution in 2011, which terminated the rule of 33 years former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.”

During 2011, militants and military men loyal to the former regime blockaded and over take the broadcasting equipment of al-Jazeera TV’s office in Sana’a, along with Suhail TV channel. Al-Jazeera and Suhail were reporting against the former regime and were in the news of the revolution. “Like any business company,” said al-Surmi, “my company was providing complete air broadcasting solutions for those channels to obtain their media mission from Change Square in addition to other local independent channels.” 

“Until September 24th, no one had any idea about my secret help to those channels’ successful operation. When militants stormed Sana’a in early September, some attacked my house, they scared my wife and kids, they looted gold, IT equipment and documents that contained information about my business relations, including al-Jazeera and Suhail,” said al-Surmi.

“Luckily, I was in Taiz that particular day. My team, friends and neighbors contacted the police office nearby and they registered the threat with Colonel Nabil Mulkat at the compound police office and they contact Colonel AbdulJaleel Al-Sanabani.”

“The attack on my house came two days after the direct attack of Suhail TV, which means they figured out my relationship with them,” said al-Surmi. “Since those documents were revealed I feel unsafe. I do not know who is an enemy and I do not want to die because of my business relations as a major media satellite technical supporter. I was providing satellite business solutions since 2001. Today, I feel I have become a victim of my business”.