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Bahah Government Finally Announced

National Yemen

Yemen Satellite  TV announced  late Friday the names of the  new Cabinet which consist  37 members, including  Prime Minister Khaled M. Bahah, the prime minister and 29 other newcomers, while seven ministers were left over from the previous government.

The new faces included Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Mahmoud al-Subaihi, a top army commander in southern Yemen with a record of combating al-Qaida, as well as Foreign Minister Abdullah al-Saaidi, a veteran diplomat, and Information Minister Nadia al-Saqqaf – the country’s first female information minister. Eng, Latfi BaSharif was name Minister for Telecom and IT, Ba-Sharif is one of the most effective IT engineers who are looking to make a change in the telecom sector.

After weeks of violence and political wrangling, during which a UN brokered deal was reached, Khaled Bahah was nominated for prime minister and tasked with forming a new government. But a dispute over who will populate the Cabinet continued until last Saturday, when all Yemeni parties and political groups agreed on an apolitical technocrat Cabinet.

The compromise was an important step in efforts to regain stability in the volatile and deeply impoverished Yemen.