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The World Condemns Al-Mutawakel Assassination

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The assassination of Dr. Mohammed AbdulMalik al-Mutawakel has been met with international, regional, and political reactions that mix anger, sadness, shock and disappointment about the future of the civil state in Yemen.

The assassination of al-Mutawakel was not an ordinary crime, but was an assassination with per plan . He spent all his life looking for justice but the enemies of the state wasted his blood on the sidewalk of Justice Street.

On Sunday November 2nd a gunman shot al-Mutawakel, and his dream of a civil and modern state was also killed.

Al-Mutawakel was the head of a Yemeni liberal political party in Sana’a. The assassination of Dr. al-Mutawakel comes one day after the Shiite rebels included al-Mutawake’sl party in an agreement for the formation of new technocrat government.

It was not immediately clear why al-Mutawakel was targeted. Al-Mutawakel was the Chairman of the Union of Popular Forces, Professor of Political Science at Sana’a University of, a prominent leader, and was close to the Houthis in somehow.

Terrorists and their cells still are very active in Yemen and implement assassinations in different regions.

A number of embassies, organizations, politicians and political, social, civil bodies issued an immediate statements of condemnation and obituaries for the death of al-Mutawakel and asked for quick investigation into his assassination.

Ali Nasser Mohammed, Former President of the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen

 “The murder of al-Mutawakel is a great loss to the nation. We really miss his balanced views where wisdom has become rare. He accompanied most stages of the national movement and was known for his prudence, tact, bravery and fulfillment, which is what one needs to be an excellent leader.

“The assassination of al-Mutawakel in this historical moment is the most serious attempt to shuffle the cards; especially that man belonged to all parties directly and indirectly as a result of his equality and balance. This expressed that the party involved in his assassination has an obvious desire to end the spirit of moderation and trying to accelerate the civil war.”

Abdulaziz al-Makaleh

“I had a very old relationship with al-Mutawakel; we were in the same school and class. The deep friendliness between us continued even after we left the city. After one year the September revolution Cairo brought us together again. The political leanings were behind his choice of the media while literary leanings were behind my choice of Faculty of Arts. Sana’a brought us together again.

“Before seven hours of al-Mutawakel’s assassination, we were with a number of colleagues in the Committee to bring the political components more closer to each other, which was in his heart. We discussed the latest developments on the Yemeni scene. The last thing al-Mutawakel wrote was, “Our duty is to work on the composition of fair democratic civil state and search out this aim will make us lost and move away from the essence of the task”. I think that the greatest honor and appreciation for him and the rest of the martyrs of the nation should be by paying attention to this national thesis that ensure the transition of the country from conflict situations to the state of security, stability and equal citizenship.”

The European Union

The European Union renewed its rejection of all forms of violence and terrorism in Yemen, calling for all efforts to implement the peace and partnership agreement in the country.

Catherine Ray, the spokeswoman of External Action Service of the European Union, condemned the assassination of the Chairman of the Yemeni Union of Popular Forces Mohammed al-Mutawakel.

“We emphasize the need to achieve security as a prerequisite for the success of the political process. The EU’s support for the efforts of the Yemeni President Abed Rabbu Mansour Hadi in order to stabilize Yemen will continue,” she added.

The United States

“The United States condemns the assassination of Dr. al-Mutawakel and condolences were sent in a statement to his family pointing to the need to conduct a full investigation that would adjust those responsible for this crime and bring them to justice.”

The statement pointed out that the challenges of Yemen require the presence of moderate voices and compliance to rapid and peaceful solutions. “It is not possible to solve the challenges facing Yemen only through political dialogue, and violence and intimidation have no place in civil and democratic societies.”

The French Embassy

The French embassy in Sana’a expressed its heartfelt condolences to the family of Dr. al-Mutawakel. The statement said that the crime is an attempt to undermine the political transition process and increase tensions. It called on all parties not to be dragged into a spiral of violence, seek national reconciliation and implement the terms of peace and national partnership agreement.

British Ambassador to Yemen, Jane Marriott

Jane Marriott, the British Ambassador to Yemen, condemned Dr. al-Mutawakel’s assassination on her twitter and called to catch perpetrators. “Yemen is a poorer place as a result of his death.”

The Chinese Embassy

The Chinese Embassy called on Yemeni political parties to seriously initiate the implementation of the peace and partnership agreement and overcome their differences through dialogue and consultation. In a statement issued in Sana’a, the Chinese Embassy stressed that the parties in the country need to continue the support the political transition, the protection of societal harmony and promote national unity as soon as possible. In its statement, the Embassy condemned the assassination Dr. Mohammed al-Mutawakkil.

The GCC Secretary General

The GCC Secretary General Dr. Abdullatif Al-Zayani strongly condemned the assassination of Dr. Mohammed al-Mutawakkil, calling it a cowardly act of terrorism. GCC Secretary General said that the assassination of Dr. al-Mutawakkil is a great loss to Yemen, its national political forces and the peaceful march, noting his sincere positions and his efforts to push the political process in Yemen.

The World Movement is deeply saddened to learn that Dr. Mohammad Mutawakkil was assassinated in Sana’a on November 2, 2014. Mutawakkil was regarded as a well-respected, veteran politician and a moderate opposition voice. He was also a professor of Political Science at Sana’a University and contributed to establishing many human rights NGOs in Yemen in the last two decades. He was the first Yemeni activist to have attended a World Movement for Democracy Global Assembly (New Delhi, 1999), and regularly provided helpful advice and updates to the Secretariat.     We send our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Mohammad Mutawakkil and to all those in support of the democracy movement and civil society in Yemen. We call on the Yemeni authorities to investigate this assassination and bring the perpetrators to justice.