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15 seize Saudi woman from Yemen care home

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Fifteen militants, suspected to be Houthis, stormed the Al-Amal Care Home and kidnapped a Saudi woman at gunpoint, according to security officials in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa on Thursday.
The officials said that it is not known where Huda Al-Niran is being held. Al-Niran is the woman who made international headlines last year when she ran away to Yemen with the man she wanted to marry, Arafat Al-Qadi.
Kadi, a Yemeni, was cleared by a local court of kidnapping her. However, Al-Niran was placed in a home until her case is resolved. She is applying for refugee status.
Fatima Jarallah, the director of the care home, said 15 men stormed the facility. She said the gunmen attacked the guards, took their weapons and broke down doors to kidnap Al-Niran.
The militants had visited the center earlier in the morning and said they were representatives of Houthi committees, said Jarallah.
The police in Yemen are currently investigating.
Arab News reported last month that Al-Niran had allegedly tried to commit suicide at the home. Her lawyer Abdul Raqib Al-Qadi said at the time that her confinement at the home was against international laws that grant expatriates seeking asylum in a foreign country the right to move freely.