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Journalists are looking for measures to protect them from abuses

By NY Staff

At the headquarters of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, a number of journalists have discussed the violations against journalists in Yemen and how the perpetrators should be punished and monitor violations.

The Participants suggested finding a room including representatives from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Human Rights, the Ministry of Information, al-Huthis, journalists’ union, and civil society organizations to coordinate and find common solutions in order to protect journalists from the violations and repeated threats.

At the preliminary meeting, the participants called on the state institutions to return to the work and take out all armed militias from the capital Sana’a and carry its responsibility of all violations against journalists.

They also demanded all human rights organizations to monitor the violations against journalists in Yemen as well as they called on all media to be credible and to stay away from incitement for the interests of the country.