Recruiting Ministers Through Facebook Failed!!

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

A close friend’s dream was to be a Foreign Minister. He is 25 years old, but truly believes that the young, being the majority, deserve a ministry. He is one of the dynamic immigrants, a non-partisan member of Yemeni society with an American-Yemeni education. He believes that if he is provided the opportunity with his insight in American politics, he can help Yemen move forward diplomatically. He believes in democracy and he hopes to lay a hand to help the Yemeni people achieve better days ahead.

“I hope I can pass my name forward to the Prime Minister. I truly promise that I will only take one term only,” he added. “I am young enough to understand the creativity of what Yemen can be. Yemen needs a new strong face that is willing to make a strong voice for Yemen abroad.”

That was a hope of one of the youth after Khalid Bahah, the Prime Minister. This report was conducted before the official formation of the new government this past Friday, again the report was  written in response to the prime minister invitation to public to name their candidates and they can suggest ministers to him through his Facebook account.  Bahah’s initiative was the first of its type and it grabs the attention of all around the country, regionally and internationally with significant interaction ; some consider it a good and unique step for youth to try their chance, while others criticized it and suggested specific standards to name such ministers .

Hassan Sharaf al-Din said “Bahah’s invitation was an attempt to titillate the citizens’ feelings and he forgot that President Hadi charged him to form a government in accordance with the Peace and National Partnership Agreement that was signed by all political components. This agreement didn’t give Bahah the right to ask for others help in the selection or nomination because the selection and nomination of ministers in the new government is the right of the political components, with the exception of the four ministries for President Hadi.

“There is no doubt that the names nominated by Facebook is for former ministers, because Yemenis know no national figures, only through the media. Therefore the media highlight only persons who are close to power, its loyalists and its opponents, while they ignore the national competencies and youth. The youth are marginalized and not trusted by the oldest in politics. If they wanted to involve young people in leadership positions they should give their own leadership positions in political parties to youth. This is of course impossible, especially in Yemen. In fact, there are national young people that can lead the country and take responsibility but the ghosts of politics still don’t want them.

“There should be consultation among the political parties before identifying and announcing the new ministers but Bahah didn’t. Thus, it was considered a real opportunity for the components and parties to demonstrate their patriotism and love for the country through nominating their best people to take the ministerial positions. The next stage needs real national competencies to be out of the political conflicts square to the security and stability square.”

Another opinion was by Mohammed Jassar a Yemeni journalist said, “Personally I am so happy with this invitation. Bahah is using the youth’s language to communicate with people. I think some people misunderstood this step, for it is not a way to choose ministers, it only a way to hear people’s opinions as guidance. It gives hope that he will be close to all those who want to conduct their voices to the Prime Minister.

“Unfortunately most of the received ministers during the last period proved miserable in dealing with their responsibilities, but this does not mean that all of them are bad. Some of them deserve respect and I do not see an obstacle for them to be part of the next government formation. I think that the application of competence and integrity standers is enough to ensure access to the hoped government. Let’s make the efficiency is judge regardless to the age.

“Yemen is rich with many expertise and personalities and a figures like Yahiya Hussein al-Arashi will succeed if he got any ministerial portfolio.”

Saleh al-Dhaleai said he would like to see new faces,“We have tried the previous ministers and we don’t want to try them again and the attempt to bring former ministers considered a preparation to circumvent the September Revolution objectives after they destroyed February Revolution. The country is teeming with independent and impartial cadres but they did not find the one who can get them to the ministries. “I’m with the formation of the Government of qualified youth and I am sure it would be the best government in the history Yemen.”

Majed al-Aleie  “Regarding the youth ministers, I think they will be rejected because the current stage does not allow Youth Ministers as a concrete reality. The ministerial selection must be of qualified people away from quotas and loyalty to the party to get us out of danger and the collapsing economy.”

Hani al-Aghbari “If the Prime Minister really wants to have professional qualifications for ministries he has to look for them in their houses, not on Facebook They are the forcibly excluded from their jobs because they do not belong to any political party

“They are the only ones who possess professional qualifications, experience and integrity. They are non-partisan who did not find their place in Yemen and find it outside it. Foreigners get benefit from our qualifications because we are submitting them by our hands. Bahah had to bring back such people from the different countries they are successful in.

“People have nominated different names, some according to their qualifications, others because of their belonging, and some nominated themselves as a joke, but all are waiting for the new government.”