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Sa’ada: Inaugurates The First Water Well Using Solar System

By NY Staff

Within the government support for farmers solar system projects on the  agricultural. The government contributes 20% of agricultural pumps solar power in Sa’ada provinces.

The project costs more than five million riyals, Hadi al-Khrashi represents farmers in al- Safra directorate along with the Chairman of the Planning and Finance in the local council in Sa’ada, Ahmed Alqtabri, advised the farmers to take advantage of government support for the alternative energy projects through the Agricultural Bank.

Alqtabri pointed out to the importance of the government’s contribution in providing irrigation systems for these projects.  He also confirmed the readiness of the local authority to support all farmers to improve the level of performance of the agriculture and modern irrigation.

From their side the farmers expressed their satisfaction of the Government’s attention and support for the farmers and the agricultural side.