The Yemeni People Must Be Given a Voice

National Yemen

By Bilal Homran

I would like to congratulate the Republic of Yemen for once again shuffling its government from within the ranks of their inner circle. It is very sad to see that after a very long struggle of trying to maintain law and order in Yemen, its government continues to act on the same decisions that have failed time and time again. People are fleeing from their homes because there is government and no governance. In no way in time has there been a government that has refused to protect its citizens from guerrilla self appointed ambassadors of the higher being.

Personally, I dream of a Yemeni government where religion and politics are not overshadowed by the selfish goals of a few elites. The average Yemeni has been forced to endure the steep rise of living costs under a system that only promises them only poverty. The problems of the region for a time felt distant, but no longer. Sadly, the problems of our time continue to escalate with no end in sight.

I hope Yemen will be able to pull itself away from this wrong path its people have been forced onto. Yemen deserves an independent governing entity that serves its interests, and I trust the frameworks of democracy will be best help Yemen.

I believe Yemen can and will stand on the basis of true and ideal democratic government with a cabinet that will represent the Yemeni people. Our government officials should not allow their political affiliations to dictate the way they make decisions and govern. A member of any governing board of any nation must only answer to the people that they represent. That’s the ideal of a true democratic society. It has worked for centuries and it will work for Yemen.

Yemen is currently a mess and I do believe this is due to misinformed officials. Advisors and confidants of our so-called leaders are misinformed. They do not understand the struggle and aspirations of their people. Without a doubt, one cannot deny that there are some outside powers to blame. The uprisings and the elite Yemeni circles are expected to become part of life now, at least until a truly democratic elected government becomes a reality and all those who have held a government post are no longer in any branch of government.

In my previous articles for National Yemen, I have recommended that all sectors of Yemeni society should and must be part of the decision making process of what is to become of their nation in this so called “Post Revolution” period. I have also stated time and time again that terrorism should take a center stage in conversations in Yemen. I am very disgusted that many clerics in Yemen have failed to speak out against terrorism. Terrorism has no place in Islam and it has no place in Yemen. The Yemeni government must build an economy based on the people, not the nation. National-based economies fail. And today many nations are beginning to realize that.

The boundaries and walls that separate Yemenis from each other have not only created a divide in understanding, but have caused the Yemeni nation to drift into a dark hole of no return. This does not have to be the case if all members of Yemeni society are given a voice in the decision making process. Yemen has and will always be an example of compassion, coexistence, and understanding amongst its citizens and neighbors around the world. Yemen’s rich history promises its people a great future ahead but only if its government takes its people together out of this dark chapter in their collective history. Yemen deserves to be prosperous.