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U.N. Envoy to Yemen Leaves to Washington

National Yemen

Jamal Benomar, the U.N. envoy to Yemen has left Sana’a after two weeks visit end with forming Bahah Governmnet. Benomer has called all political parties and forces to fulfill their commitments to provide all necessary support to the National Peace and Partnership Government, formed yesterday.

“Challenges facing Yemen still exist and require from all Yemenis to deal with them with nationalist spirit to make Yemen’s interest above all others,” said Benomer upon departure on Saturday, concluding his 34 visits to Yemen.

” In this visit lasted for 15 days, we have focused on speeding up the implementation of the National Peace and Partnership Agreement including harmony of political forces on a mechanism to form the government,” said Benomer to Saba.

While he welcomed the formation of the National Peace and Partnership, he hoped it success in exerting efforts severing the interests of Yemen.

He also called on all political parties to implement the rest of the National Peace and Partnership Agreement he labeled as “the ideal mean to make Yemen out of its current crisis.” He confirmed the UN’s continuous support to Yemen’s transfer.