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Yemen: Omani Foreign Minister Calls for Second Gulf Initiative

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The Omani Foreign Minister, Yusuf Bin Alawi, has called for another Gulf Initiative to gather all political parties and resolve the crisis in Yemen.

In interview with Minister Bin Alawi, he said that the Gulf Initiative was signed to find a solution to the crisis experienced by Yemen in 2011 after the revolution against the former regime, pointing out that the Gulf Initiative aimed to prevent a civil war.

He added that during the National Dialogue Conference, leaders neglected their duties, which led to more disputes. Therefore, a new Gulf Initiative is now needed.

Bin Alawi revealed the weakness of the role of Gulf States in resolving the crisis in Yemen. “We didn’t implement the agreement or we implemented it late. For me, I think the Gulf Cooperation Council should have a representative in Yemen, not less than Jamil Benomer, the Representative of the General Secretary of the United Nations in Yemen. I also suggest he should be from Kuwait. However, people in Kuwait for some reason were not encouraged to select a representative, which led Saudi Arabia to name one of their own at the last meeting of the Foreign Ministers Council,” he explained.

From Bin Alawi’s point of view, the only solution now is to gather all Yemenis in a new dialogue and have the president continue leading the country until a new constitution is drafted according to the agreed principles.

“This new Gulf Initiative needs to give Yemenis a feeling of confidence in their future, rather than resorting to the force and arms or to imposing sanctions by the United Nations,“ he added.

Bin Alawi confirmed that the Houthis in Yemen are Zaidiyyah, not Shiites. “The Zaidiyyah are different from the Shiites. They can’t control Yemen alone so, they allied themselves with others in Yemen, adding to a conflict between the Salafists and Houthis. However, the situation now is different, but the problems aren’t resolved and the GCC didn’t do its role well, and they believed the Gulf initiative was enough,” he said.