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Yemeni Film At The 11th Dubai International Film Festival

By NY staff ‘

In the coming month in Dubai, the 11th Dubai International Film Festival would launch its events with the participation of many Arab and foreign films that are competing for the festival’s awards.

The festival which would be held during the period 10 – 17 of coming December includes a group the most important productions of Arab cinema, long and short films. One of them is the Yemeni film I’m Nujood, ten years and divorced, for the director Khadija al-Salami

According to the festival’s website, the Yemeni film is considered the first long feature film for the director Khadija al-Salami. It is documenting the life of a girl, 10 years, forced to marry a man in his thirties.

The film also shows the hard life which the girl lived with her cruel husband who raped her continuously without any mercy since the first night of her wedding.