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Five Houthis killed in Yesterday’s clashes

National Yemen

Five Shiite Houthi militants were killed on Sunday in clashes with tribal militants in the central Yemeni province of Al-Bayda’, a local source said.

The source, who requested anonymity, said the clashes had erupted between the two sides in Rada’a, one of the cities of Al-Bayda’, leaving five Houthis dead.

The source did not, however, outline weather there had been any human casualties among the armed tribesmen.

Meanwhile, an explosive charge had gone off, targeting a Houthi patrol car in Rada’a, the same source said, adding that the blast did not cause any casualties.

Having controlled the Yemeni capital Sanaa since September 21, Houthis are now trying to extend their control to other areas in Yemen. This shift of power has pitted the Houthis against tribal militants and Al-Qaeda, especially in central Yemen.