Millions of Yemenis Suffer From Diabetes

On November 15th, the University of Science and Technology (UST) celebrated World Diabetes Day. Dr. Zayed Atef, head of the Yemeni Diabetes Association, said that the number of people with diabetes in Yemen has risen to 1,200,000 cases, with 683,000 cases not being diagnosed.

Atef said that diabetics hide their illness because of the lack of awareness and availability of health insurance.

Atef pointed out that Yemeni research about diabetes is limited and the rate of adults’ diabetics is between 8-10%. “This percentage calls everyone’s attention to combat the spread of the disease by avoiding an inactive life, a lack of sports, and avoiding foods with a high content of sugar.”

He called on the Health Ministry to establish diabetes awareness events and build centers for diabetes treatment to limit the serious symptoms such as foot amputation and blindness.

Dr. Khalid al-Jawfi, Dean of the Dentistry Faculty at UST, confirmed the importance of awareness campaigns that encourage businessmen to support diabetes’ patients who are unable to afford their own surgery operations.

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