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The Pakistani School Starts Valuable Activities Program

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By Tamjid Alkohali

The Pakistani School in Sana’a (PSS) has always been keen to implement diverse activities during the school year. Recently PSS students held two important events, a student election and World Poverty Day.

In the elections, PSS students voted to elect a head girl, head boy, and other officers of the student council. Five candidates vied for the top slot. According to the results, Nisreen, an 8th grade student, won the election with a landslide victory to clinch the head girl position.

She bagged 251 votes, outclassing Sally, a 10th grader, who managed to secure 61 votes. Among the boys, Mohammad Mansoor won with 239 votes. His opponents Naveed and Jehanzaib remained restricted to 45 and 25 votes, respectively. Each class also elected a representative. After the election, PSS students attended an oath-taking ceremony on Thursday, November 13th.

During the oath-taking ceremony, His Excellency Dr. Irfan Yusuf Shami, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the PSS Chairman, pinned badges on the head boy, girl, and other class representatives.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief envoy congratulated the students on assuming different roles. “For the character-building and grooming of personalities, the students’ active participation in co-curricular activities is quite encouraging,” he said. He also welcomed the newly appointed Principal Ma’am Farheen Mahmood and other teachers. In a separate news, the PSS Students celebrate the world poverty day. PSS students resolved to leave no stone unturned for the alleviation of poverty by donating garments, hard cash, toys, and edibles for the poverty-stricken masses for World Poverty Day.

Speaking on the occasion, PSS Principal Ma’am Farheen acknowledged the contributions made by students. “It’s quite encouraging that fresh minds have developed a sense of sacrifice and compassion for those who are living in abject conditions across the globe,” the principal said, the core purpose of education is not to clinch an academic degree, but to serve humanity.

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