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Unkown Gunman Shoots at Oil Company Headquarters

National Yemen

By NY Staff

On Sunday morning, an unknown gunman shot at Jannah Hunt Oil Company‘s head office in Sana’a. The bullets were found in the Deputy General Manager’s office Adel al-Hamadi, who luckily was not in his office at the time.

Jannah Hunt is an American company operating oil blocks in Marib-al-Jawaf Block 5. Recently Kuwait Energy has finalized the corporate acquisition of Jannah Hunt Oil Company, a company operating in Yemen.

Government guards, including private guards, were outside the company but they couldn’t identify who was shooting. Afterwards, the management evacuated the building, giving no notice of returning to the office.

The shooting comes one week after appointing a new Oil and Minerals Minister, Mohammed Bin Nabhan. Jannah Hunt Oil Company holds a 15% participating interest in Block 5, other partners in the block are Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC) and government‐owned Yemen Company for Investment in Oil & Minerals (YICOM) with a 20% stake each, as well as Total, Exxon and Newco which hold a 15% stake each.