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Al-Asbahi: Ministry Of Human Rights Should Be Abolished

On Tuesday, Izz al-Din al-Asbahi, the Minster of Human Rights, met members of the Media for Advocating Women’s Issues Network (MAWIN) to discuss his new plan in the ministry.

In the meeting, al-Asbahi announced that the first task is to abolish the Ministry of Human Rights and start an Independent National Commission for Human Rights according to international standards, so it will be able to work with full impartiality and have the ability to implement international obligations away from the government.

“I am trying to get out of the Ministry of Human Rights because working in a ministry with limited potentials and under government control is not feasible,” al-Asbahi claimed.

Yemen is passing through a difficult phase requiring the concerted efforts of all to establish security, stability, the restoration of the prestige of the state, the rule of law and to stop the deterioration of human rights. For that, al-Asbahi said that the National Strategy for Human Rights that works with a team from the United Nations and the High Commissioner for Human Rights. This will be completed soon.

Al-Asbahi confirmed the Ministry’s determination to advance important laws within international obligations, such as to determining the age of childhood, human trafficking, and administrative issues of interest to the staff of the Ministry.

He considered his meeting with the journalists an opportunity to think about human rights away from the political pressures that reflect on the great sacrifices that people have paid over the past years.

“We have to come together to represent the Yemeni community in order to consolidate security and stability as well as to stop the human rights deteriorating by opening a window of hope in building the future of the modern federal state,” al-Asbahi said.

Bushra al-Ameri, the MAWIN General Coordinator, pointed out the need to give priority to women and youth issues in the new government and to commit everything stated in the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference’s document.

“We are sad that the government and the presidency ignored women and youth in the new government, and women don’t represent 30% in the ministerial portfolios.  Women’s share has to be no less than 30% and we hope the vacant ministries will be for women,” al-Ameri added.

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  • Al-asbahi is an independent-politant in our newly goverment, but his high qualify efforts are limited by the internal potential classical forces,including parties,goverment,president,and plemens.