One Good Example of Losing a Competition

The Yemen National Team players has earned only two points in the Gulf 22 tournament, compared to their former 7 appearances, making no major progress but maintaining their best performance. The team players still and were very much respected by all Yemenis.

In their football games, the team players were representing Yemen as a united country, leaving behind the existing political, social, financial crises as well the demand of some for separation. They have no problems with the fragile transition, sectarian clashes, and failed negotiations of politicians who are seeking to set up the country’s better future. The team players were not involved in such issues.

The team players are from the same society, having links and roots with all people in the country. Some of them have strong links with the Houthis, the former regime, the Islah party, or Hirak, but all of them were representing Yemen and fighting for one common goal, victory for Yemen. The question here, how much can political parties learn from the national football players’ spirit of fighting for the safety and success of all?

Politicians supported the team from behind the screen and on their TVs, Facebook and twitter accounts. Even those gathered at the airport to receive them represented all of society. This could be a good reminder to bring back a smile to the people of Yemen through football, something politicians couldn’t do for years.

Despite the loss and the early return of the National Team to the country, they still deserve all kinds of respect and appreciation for their enthusiasm and outstanding representation of the whole country, a country with hundreds of political and social challenges. Congratulations for making all Yemen chant for one Yemen, one team, and one country and good luck for the many competitions yet to come in the future.