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American Commandos Fail to Free Luke Somers

National Yemen

BY NY Staff

A raid led by the United States Armed Forces has freed eight hostages from a cave in a remote part of eastern Yemen. United States Special Operations commandos and Yemeni troops executed a predawn raid on a cave, which was believed to hold militants belonging to an Al Qaeda affiliate. Six of the freed hostages were Yemeni citizens along with one Saudi and one Ethiopian.

The American commandos were disappointed with losing the chance to free Luke Somers, an American photo journalist who was kidnapped on the year 2013. Somers was the copy editor of the National Dialogue Secretariat. On Monday 24th of the past month, commandos arrived in Hadhramout with the goal of freeing Somers, The hostages were evacuated from the area by helicopter.

On Monday November 17th, National Yemen has published a front page story blaming the government of the United States and the Yemen NDC secretariat for their total ignorance of the long abducted American photojournalist Luke Somers.

Somers arrived in Yemen in late 2010 on a teaching visa. During the 2011 revolution, he was known as the most active photojournalist at Change Square. He worked as a copy editor for Yemen Times, the Yemen Observer, and National Yemen. By 2013, he joined the National Dialogue team and worked for the media center as a proofreader and reporter for English news and report stories.