Is it Their Choice to Be Black?

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

Asma al-Mohattwari

When one man’s manager promoted him to a better position, his friend got angry and said he was the one who has the right for that position. “You are a black man, you cannot be better than me.”

Jose Saramago was right when he said that Man invented cruelty. Animals do not torture each other, but we do. We are the only cruel beings on this planet.

His saying is embodied in our daily dealings with black people. There is no more cruelty than to judge a human just because he is black. They live in shanty houses, eat from the waste, and work in the street. Some of them decide to challenge the injustice and send their daughters to schools but there they are subjected to the ugliest forms of humiliation and insult from their teachers and students.

Dear white people, you are really stupid. You are proud of your color and you marginalize others because they have different one. Allow me to say that it is not a matter of pride, because pride comes from your own actions and efforts, Allah created us with different colors, so stop insulting what Allah created.

Human are cruel. How painful is it when a black girl can’t marry a white man even if they are in love, or black women can’t attend the occasions of white people even if they are neighbors, and even the dead cannot be buried in white people’s graveyards.

Life is very cynical to intelligent black people. They fight their fate but life has put them in pain. Life is harsh on others.