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Pakistani Ambassador Discuses Counterterrorism with Interior Minister

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By NY Staff

The Pakistani Ambassador to Yemen, Dr. Irfan Yusuf Shami, has met recently with Gen. Jalal Ali Ben Ali Al-Rowaishan, Minister of Interior. The Ambassador discussed the opportunity of exchange with his government experience in the counterterrorism field.

The two parties have shared common exchanges in fighting al-Qeada militants, in which Pakistan has offered a number of security scholarships to the government of Yemen based on think tank theories.

The Yemen National Defence College is about to send 30 senior security commanders to study in Pakistan and interact with different institutions like the Pakistan National Defence University.

In separate news, National Yemen has come to learn that the Yemen government organized but did not benefit from scholarships in the civil sector offered by Pakistan under what is so-called the mutual cooperation of enhancing brotherly relations. Most of the Yemeni nominated students from the government side do not meet the standards and criteria of the scholarships.

Pakistan offers between 30-40 scholarships to the government of Yemen.

In his meeting with Al-Rowaishan, the Ambassador conveyed the strong support of his Government to President Hadi, Prime Minister Bahah, and his new Government to overcome the daunting challenges presently confronting Yemen. The ambassador had earlier met H.E. the Foreign Minister and the Minister for Sports & Youth Affairs.