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Shahrza Cultural Foundation Declared In Sana’a

National Yemen

By Tamjid Alkohali

“Women are keen for a better future” on November 29th, the Ministry of Culture, a declaration ceremony for Shahrza Cultural Foundation at Sheba Hotel.The Shahrza Cultural Foundation is non-governmental organization, concerned with women’s creativity and female culture. It works to support female presence in the cultural scene.

In her speech, the Deputy Minister of Culture Hoda Ablan confirmed the need to encourage creativity and give chances for creative women to integrate with their  efforts to achieve real construction and development in ground.

Dr. Mona al-Mahagheri, the head of the Shahrza Foundation, explained the foundation’s mission. She confirmed the need to provide ways to foster the creativity of women and their capabilities, such as financial and moral support, and the need to correct customs and traditions that detract from the presence of women and the value of their creativity.

In her speech, al-Mahagheri added that the Shahrza Foundation will offer new stories narrated by Yemeni Shahrza about the love of the homeland and a better future for Yemen.

She said that talking about female creativity is considered a challenge in the society, and the Shahrza Foundation fights ignorance with pens and brushes, though it’s still restricted by illiteracy that reaches 67% among women.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh, stated that rights aren’t given but are taken, stressing that Yemen woman can take their rights and should continue their perseverance.

Al-Maqaleh added that the Shahrza Foundation will have a positive impact in encouraging women to take their rights.

The opening ceremony featured variety of shows of Women’s Creativity such as an art exhibition for the female artist Jamila Jama’an, a book fair for female writers, handicrafts, a show about early marriage, poetry readings, and short stories written by women.

The ceremony was attended by officials in the cultural field, ambassadors, the media, and a group of the creative women who were honored in the end.