Shipping Traffic Affected By Houthi Control of Sana’a

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By NY Staff

Air and ground traffic has been affected after the Houthis controlled the capital of Sana’a and most cities in the country.

The Transport Minister, Bader Mohammed Basalma, said that one problem is the security of sea, land, and airports. The challenge has become very big after some airlines were stopped from flying through the Sana’a airport.

He added that the security imbalances that appeared after the Houthis controlled Sana’a affected shipping traffic and led to stopping flights under the pretext that Yemen can’t manage the security situation and the Houthi militias control the airport and various vital sites.

Basalma pointed out that the most prominent shipping companies that have stopped are Gulf and Saudi Arabia aviation companies. However, he expected these companies to return their flights to Sana’a in the beginning of the New Year.

Basalma confirmed that this problem increased in the seaports since the insurance companies raised their prices, which led to the reluctance of many international shipping companies from traffic and berthing, especially in the Aden port. “The security aspect is one of the concerns not only of Transport Ministry but also of the Defense and Interior Ministries,” he said.

Recently, the Houthis have controlled the Medi port in Hajjah province on the Red Sea, Hodeida port, the second largest port in the country, and the Mocha Port.

With the control of Houthis on the Red Sea, Yemen has accused Iran of smuggling weapons to the Houthis across the sea, where the Houthis have received Iranian arms shipments. However, Basalma confirmed that until now there isn’t accurate information about the presence of the Houthis in suspicious locations.

“I expect the presence of some Houthi forces in the Medi port near Saada province. There are Houthi forces outside the Hodeida port to check the goods that enter and get out of the port, but there aren’t forces to control it,” stated Basalma.