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Southerners Failed to Push for Independence In Yemen on Independence Day

National Yemen

By NY Staff

Thousands of Yemeni people, who are pushing for the southern part of the country to break away from the North, have camped out in the port city of Aden’s Independence Square. The Southern Hirak has failed to obtain the outlines of breaking Yemen’s 24 years of unity. Yesterday, Yemen celebrated the 47th anniversary of Yemen’s independence from Britain, which saw the country split into two states.

The Hirak movement is divided between those supporting an immediate declaration of independence from the rest of the country and others urging further dialogue with the Sana’a authorities.

Since mid-October, a protest encampment has been spreading out across the dirt and asphalt of Al-Orod Square in the southern Yemeni port town of Aden. According to those who oversee the day-to-day management of the ragged collection of makeshift tents, the population of the camp has swelled over the past week to 5,000 from 3,000.

An official government source confirmed on Sunday that the government pays special attention to addressing the land issues in the southern provinces. The source explained that the executive procedures would start during the next period for the Cabinet’s decision, issued at its meeting last week on approving what has been reached by the Southern Lands Committee.