The customs offices announce 50% reduction of cars customs fees

National Yemen

By NY Staff

Yemeni customs announced reductions in customs to 50%, as well as a reduction in the delay fine by 75% for the cars in Yemen, by Altrepettik and security system before the date of 15 /9/2014 in the following customs offices:

Sana’a customs office (sana’a), Taiz customs office (Taiz) , Dar Saad customs office (Aden) , Hodeida customs office (Hodeida) , Hadramawt customs office (Mukalla) ,Valley and Desert customs office (Seiyun) .According to media sources, the Yemeni customs mentioned that the reductions began 1/10/2014 and will continue until 30/12/2014.

The Yemeni Club for Tourism and Cars  makes its own Facebook page to respond to inquiries about everything related to Altrepettik Systems and cars available in Yemen with un Yemeni plate.