Transport Minister Calls for Private Sector Cooperation

National Yemen

By NY staff

In order to develop the port and airport of Aden in southern Yemen, the Transport Minister, Bader Mohammed Basalma, demanded to establish a joint advisory council between the administration of Aden’s port, airport and private sector, so that it can help create a cooperation mechanism between all parties to improve services and solve problems in these facilities.

Basalma confirmed the importance of the effective partnership with the private sector at one of the most vital facilities in Aden, and Yemen in general.

In the consultative meeting that was held between the Ministry of Transport and the private sector, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Basalma stated that they need to work with the private sector as one team towards the development of the port and airport of Aden.

The Transport Minister urged officials in both sectors to implement their works and duties and reduce the strikes, which negatively affects the activity of the port and airport.

He added that stopping these facilities leads to the reluctance of shipping lines to dock, which negatively affects the national economy and the reputation of the port.

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