Yemen: The Arabia Felix

National Yemen

By Bilal Homran

“Arabia Felix,” formerly known as Yemen, is cornered in the Arabian Peninsula. Throughout this short half decade, it has experienced an identity crisis. The people of Yemen are experiencing daily hardships and no end seems to be in sight. Individuals in power are seeking to achieve their specific personal aspirations and sadly the people are left to suffer. The people of Yemen deserve a government that is powerful and stern in its decision making.

The people of Yemen are made of various tribal, cultural, and religious sects. Sectarian violence has not been a reality, but sadly thats not the case now. Different political factions within Yemen are battling for power of the land and the people are caught in the crossfires of these heinous personal battles. Media and social campaigns have sought to slice and divide a nation of different sects and tribal loyalties. What I don’t understand is why can’t they all realize the success of a united Yemen is success for all.

Islamist who came into power after the so called “Jasmine Revolution” aimed only to strengthen their grip on power with no interest in the advancement of Yemeni society. The nations of the world now are achieving success of knowledge and enlightenment and we are forcing ourselves into unneeded battles from within. The great land of Yemen has abundance of space and natural wealth for all of us. We have great minds that only need encouragement and support. Yemen can be better and it will get better if all sections of its society are included in the decision making. The National Dialogue was a very inspirational first step but must continue.

My fellow Yemenis, there is never an excuse for violence. We can be a nation built on the rule of law. Our collective faith in the almighty promises success and we must begin to act according to our faith and its values. I challenge people to understand Islam and its spirits and not to love it. Islam is a religion of brotherhood and devotion. It is the religion that omits race out of its vocabulary. Islam unites mankind, it does not divide. Lets go back to the foundation of our society and learn from the lessons of the prophets and the word of the Almighty and begin to act accordingly.

In the interest of the land and innocent souls, end the battles of division. We are better than this. Yemen deserves an independent elected governing body. We can move on. The people of Yemen, in the midst of chaos, have proven to the world that we are strong and can continue to live. We mustn’t allow the political elite to take Yemen to the brink of collapse. May Yemen always be a united nation and be a successful, educated, and democratic society.