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Youth of Al-Beida Governorate Criticize Terrorism

National Yemen

Hammad al-Humaigani,

By NY Staff

The General Secretariat Assistant of al-Tahreer party, Hammad al-Humaigani, the head of the party branch in Al-Beida, has criticized the presence of terrorist groups in his home town al-Zahra and the villages of al-Beida governorate. He told National Yemen that terrorism has taken his brother’s life, who was kidnapped two years ago on May, 2012, and was found dead in an area called Al-Rassas. His body was buried  and discovered by cowboys.

“The strategic location of Al-Beida on the borders of north and south Yemen has brought more troubles to the people who have nothing to do with terrorism,” said al-Humaigani. The tribe of al-Beida considers kidnapping and wrong acts shameful in the family’s tribal history. Most of the people of al-Beida are immigrants in Saudi Arabia and others run private business in different parts of Yemen.

Because of the hard mountains, the deteriorating economy, and poverty, many terrorist groups find al-Beida mountains an ideal shelter to hide and they corrupt some unemployed teenagers with their misleading ideologies. “Today, we suffer more than other because our villages became an easy target for drones and extremist militants and above that, we are suspected by name,” said Al-Humaigani.

“I run a tourist company in a country that doesn’t have any more tourists. We are victims of others’ bad behavior. We have suffered a lot and our suffering will continue, but I can say we will not let them achieve their agendas on our peaceful lands. I believe the right time has come to cease the sources of terrorism and kick them out of Al-Beida,” concluded Al-Humaigani. “We have to stand by the president and the government to achieve the ultimate goal of bringing back the beautiful past.”