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A Step to Revive Cultural Exchange Between Yemen and Japan

Yemen Modern School Students in group picture with Japan ambassador

Asma al-Mohattwari

On December 3rd, Yemen Modern International School students paid a visit to the Japanese Embassy in order to revive cultural exchange between Yemen and Japan.

The Japanese Ambassador, Katsuyoshi Hayashi, said that it is painful that the security crises prevent the Embassy from competing its projects and visiting the school itself.

“The Yemen Modern International School visit is an attempt to do something in such limitations and create a kind of communication and cultural exchange,” Hayashi added.

Koichi Hatanaka, the Third Secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Yemen, presented the students a brief history and comparison between Yemen and Japan, including Japanese habits and traditions, and a short video that explained the life of Japanese children.

Kareema al-Mansoop, the Headmistress of the Yemen Modern International School, said that the aim of the visit was to learn more about Japan and to teach the students different experiences. “It is also to forge a good relationship with them to enable our students to get scholarships in Japan,” she said.

Al-Mansoop said that the visit really gave the students optimism that nothing is impossible and that after World War II, Japan started from nothing and after only 23 years became a powerful economy.