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I urge in the name of Allah the AQAP kidnappers of Luke Somers to release him

National Yemen
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

Luke Somers

A Yemeni Friend of Luke

Luke  Daniel  Somers, the American native of British origin, rushed into Yemen in 2011 using a teaching visa, not knowing that his trip to Yemen would be the experience of his life. Luke worked here as the poof editor for the NDC and a journalist at the leading National Yemen newspaper. 

I first met Luke at the National Yemen office during the events of the 2011 Revolution. He was busy reporting and photographing the daily events of that revolution, which changed Yemen forever and ended Saleh’s political era that lasted for 33 years. In September of 2012, I worked along with Luke in filing our company facilities and writing down the company’s English website content. I still clearly remember the interesting times I spent with him along with Fakhri Al-Arashi, the National Yemen Newspaper Chief Editor, doing some very good work and having fun at the same time. I write these sincere words trying to recall those sweet memories we spent together hoping he can read these lines before the time is too late.

Fakhri, Luke’s former boss, phoned me today asking me to watch a youtube video uploaded by AQAP this morning in which Luke spoke for less that two minutes asking everybody to help in freeing him. Since then, I have been truly upset at seeing a friend of mine in great danger. He is an innocent American citizen that has fallen into the hands of AQAP.

I urge in the name of Allah the AQAP kidnappers of Luke Somers to release him as Islam neither admits his kidnapping nor your intention to kill this good innocent man within 3 days. Also, he is the only son of his parents. Having him killed will not benefit your goals, and will not change America’s official policy in Yemen or the Middle East. AQAP, you’ve freed a captured Yemeni soldier a few months ago when you received a phone call from his loving mother. Why don’t you do the same with Luke?! Believe me … the US Government will neither pay you a ransom nor stop its efforts to free its citizen or send its drones.