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Luke killed Through a Failed Rescue Attempt

National Yemen
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

National Yemen

The American photojournalist Luke Somers was killed today morning in Wasal area between Marib and  Shabwa governorates through a joint venture rescue attempt by the Yemeni military forces and American forces. The US Embassy in Sana’a did not confirm his death. “We are aware of the reports and continue to monitor the situation” said the Embassy statement. We are still waiting for the full report and details of the rescue attempt.

Luke’s sister has confirmed his death on a failed rescue attempt. In his last YouTube recording, Luke has called the state government to do what can be done to save his life. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and he was killed on the third day of al-Qeada threat to kill him.

While the news still unclear about how he was killed, one scenario says he was killed before the military forces reached him, the second scenario says he was killed during the clashes between al-Qeada militants and the rescuers. The third scenario says he passed away before they reach the hospital of Attaq. None of these three stories has confirmed yet, but the fact remain that he was killed.

Lucy Somers said she learned of her brother’s death from the FBI. “We ask that all of Luke’s family members be allowed to mourn in peace,” she said. Lucy Somers gave the comments to the Associated Press.

The death of Luke was a shocking for many Yemeni who have come to know him for the past four years’ time. The call of his mam and brother did not help him to avoid the ultimate fate of all human. Luke, you may rest in peace you were a faithful person and you faced what you were arid off.

Luke was kidnapped on front of al-Huda Supermarket at al-Zubairy St on Sana’a on the 17th of September 2013. Luke came to Yemen by the late of 2010, through a teaching visa. He later one joined the change square of Yemen Youth Revolution most of photos were published in local and international news outlets including Al-Jazeera EnglishBBCForeign Policy,Inter Press Service and  New York Times. In Yemen he worked for Yemen Times, National Yemen and Yemen Observer. At the time of his kidnapping, he was working in the media office as an English copy editor for the National Dialogue Conference.