Farewell Luke Somers

National Yemen

Fatima Al Hattami

Masters in Communication and Journalism.

Our sadness is indescribably great and can never be put into words. It was difficult to receive the news of Luke’s murder and it is more difficult to believe it. We are sorry that all of his love to Yemen and the Yemeni people was returned to him through murdering him in cold blood. Luke deserved to live longer than these ugly creatures who call themselves humans. We know it is his fate that Saturday December 6, 2014 was his last day no matter what, but we wish it had been this way. Sorry Luke Somers for all of the hard moments you had to go through and the cruel situation you were thrown in. We are sorry that our only weapon was words that we wished we could change something but alas we could not. All we could do is condemn those actions and pray for your survival. It took only seconds to take your soul, but definitely it will take longer than you think for Yemen to forget you. Our only condolences are that we know very well they are to be held accountable and severely punished for murdering you. May your soul rest in peace.